Full-stack developer from Latvia

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About me


I am a full-stack developer from Latvia with 5 years of experience as a web developer and 4 years as a full-stack developer. I have also won first place in a country-wide hackathon.


I am currently available for freelance work! If you wish to hire me, please contact me thru any platform with your idea.


I have a professional education in music, and I enjoy playing the saxophone and piano in my free time. I haven't released any music yet, but that might change soon. In addition to music, I also enjoy playing video games, particularly RPGs (especially those by Bethesda) and stealth games.

What a fool you are, I'm a god! How can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence! How could you be so naive? There is no escape, no recall or intervention can work in this place! Come! Lay down your weapons! It is not too late for my mercy...

- Dagoth Ur, TES III: Morrowind

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My projects

I've built things ranging from NPM packages, websites, apps, APIs and more. Here are a few of my favourite projects & my NPM packages.

Websites & APIs

(Temporarily down) Latvian Mastodon instance. Anyone who wants to tell something and read what others are doing is welcome.

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ChromeOS releases

Download the latest ChromeOS BIN files without using the recovery utility. This website is not affiliated with Google

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Various tools that might come in handy, such as the Aspect Ratio Calculator, download time calculator and death/birth coefficient calculator

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Quick and secure URL service integrating Exerra Phishing Check for unparalleled user protection

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Mod viewer

Every game mod I've published resides here.
Built using Astro, TailwindCSS & Storyblok

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Phishing API

API for checking if links are known phishing attempts

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Karen Bot

Multi-purpose Discord bot featuring commands for server moderation, sub-reddits, Karen Bot profiles, Spotify songs/albums/artists and more. (EOL)

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NPM packages


IMAP (v4) client for the Cloudflare Workers platform.

View on NPM


Extract all unicode codepoints for a given symbol

View on NPM


Utility for generating user fingerprints with one function

View on NPM


A wrapper and scraper for E-Klase

View on NPM


Wrapper for the Exerra phishing API

View on NPM


A wrapper for the Apple Music API written in NodeJS

View on NPM



Language used in development to write the elements in a website


Language used in development to write the style of a website


Language used in development to write the interactive parts of a website


Superset used in development to create applications with more type safety than Javascript


Framework used in development to write server code with Javascript


Language used in development to write native apps for the various OS's by Apple


Framework used in development to create highly-interactive web apps


Framework used in development to create APIs


Almost a meta-framework used in development to create fast websites using any framework you want


Software suite used in development to create databases, manage user authentication, host projects and much more


Database used in development for applications that require more data types and inherited properties


Content Management System used in development for manage content, allowing multiple contributors to create, edit and publish